Dear Students

After parents, it’s Alma Mater that initiates us into the world of work. Do you remember the days when you did not know the importance of schooling, education and training, your parents decided to get you admitted in Kush class, and with a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety you stepped into gate of Anandalaya.

The caring teachers (as forever they are known for) took personal care of you and you never knew when you learnt to say ‘n’ speak, hmmm and sing, jump ‘n’ dance, recognize ‘n’ read, count ‘n’ compute.

Year after year, class after class, you travelled through the building, first floor to second and second to ground floor, from library to laboratory, from art, craft, music to MPH and AV room, from sand pit to NCC parade and sports ground. Oh! I am reminding you about just yesterday.

Say Oh! Because your Alma Mater is 31 this July and I am very curious to know about you,

How are you?

What are you doing?

You belonged to one family; do you have your own now?

As you had come from North, South, East and West you must have gone to different directions, spare some time so that I can write to you, my dear child.

Convey my regards to your family and pass on my message to other alumni too.

- Anandalaya

‘Your Proud Alma Mater’