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Image Gallery

Image Gallery-1
Rakshabandhan Celebration
Image Gallery-2
Janmastami Celebration (11-08-2017)
Image Gallery-3
Dr. V. Kurien Memirial Interschool Competitions (12-08-2017)
Image Gallery-4
Independence Day Celebration
15 August, 2017
Image Gallery-5
School Foundation Day Celebration - 11 July, 2017
Image Gallery-6
Investiture Ceremony 2017-18 27-4-2017
Image Gallery-7
Farewell to Class XII - 29-12-2017
Image Gallery-8
Kush - Pallav
Republic Day Celebration
Image Gallery-9
Community Helpers
Show and Talk - By Kush Children 5-jan to 9 Jan
Image Gallery-10
Annual Sports Meet
21,22 & 23 Dec, 2016
Image Gallery-11
Christmas Celebration
Image Gallery-12
Marathon on
10 Dec, 2016
Image Gallery-13
KG - Fashion Show of Fruits
Image Gallery-14
KG - Feild Trip to the Zoo
Image Gallery-15
KG - Germination
Image Gallery-16
KG - Outdoor Activities
Image Gallery-17
Sports Day Celebration
(Kush-Pallav) 1 & 2 Dec, 2016
Image Gallery-18
Diwali Celebration - 27-10-2016
Image Gallery-19
IntraMUN @ Anandalaya
Image Gallery-20
Swaranand - 2016 15 Oct, 2016
Image Gallery-21
FLower Show
Image Gallery-22
Janmashtami Celebration
Image Gallery-23
Rakshabandhan Celebration
Image Gallery-24
Independence Day Celebration
15 Aug, 2016
Image Gallery-25
28th School Foundation Day Celebration
11 July, 2016
Image Gallery-26
Yoga Day Celebration
Dt. 21 June, 2016
Image Gallery-27
Summer Internship Programme at
Shri Krishna Hospital - Karamsad
Image Gallery-28
Fire Extinguisher Demonstration
Classes VIII to XII
Image Gallery-29
Grandparents Day Celebration (KG Section)
Image Gallery-30
Principal's Meet Baroda.
Image Gallery-31
Teacher's Meet 2016 on
Outlook of Modern Teachers towards effective Curriculum at Parul University
Image Gallery-32
9th April-2016.
Image Gallery-33
Kush - Pallav Concert
9 & 10 March, 2016
Image Gallery-34
Workshop on Methods and Techniques of Teaching English at Primary & middle level
Image Gallery-35
Talkshow on join NDA by Col. Yadav - 11-2-2016
Image Gallery-36
Farewell to 22nd Batch of Class XII 2015-16
Image Gallery-37
Republic Day Celebration
Image Gallery-38
Annual Sports Meet 2015-16
Image Gallery-39
Inter School Competition at ARIBAS
19thJanuary, 2016.
Image Gallery-40
Reet Chaudhary, Anandalaya alumni addressed the students regarding career options in pure science reseach.
Image Gallery-41
Talk on Music in Maths (Tabla)
Date : 9 January, 2016
Image Gallery-42
Christmas Celebration - 21-12-2015
Image Gallery-43
Sports Day - 18-12-2015
Image Gallery-44
Field Trip to Baroda (Kamati Baug) Dt.11-12-2015
Image Gallery-45
Sardar Patel Memorial Visit by class X at Karamsad on 31-10-2015
Image Gallery-46
Kush -Pallav Flower Day Celebration - 27-11-2015
Image Gallery-47
Dr. Verghese Kurien's birth anniversary Celebration
Inter School Competition hosted by Anandalaya
Image Gallery-48
(Pallav - Sr. KG )
Image Gallery-49
Vigilance Awareness Week
(6 to 8)
Image Gallery-50
Vigilance - Safety of Traffic
Air and Noise Pollution - Save Environment ..
Image Gallery-51
(Kush - Jr. KG )
Image Gallery-52
Navaratri Celebrtion
(Kush and Pallav - KG )
Image Gallery-53
Independence Day Celebration
(Kush & Pallav - KG )
Image Gallery-54
Janmastami Celebration
(Kush & Pallav - KG )
Image Gallery-55
Rakshabadhan Celebration
(Kush-Pallav - KG )
Image Gallery-56
Visit of Mr. Anshu Gupta
(Magsaysay Award Winner)
Image Gallery-57
Teachers Day Celebration 2015
Image Gallery-58
Vishwa Gujarti Bhasha Din -
Celbration 25th August 2015.
Image Gallery-59
Independence Day Celebration - 2015
Image Gallery-60
Library Week Celebration - 12-8-2015
Image Gallery-61
Social Science Quest - 30-7-2015
Image Gallery-62
Farewell to Class -XII, 25-1-2015.
Image Gallery-63
World Yoga Day - 21-6-2015.
Image Gallery-64
Chemistry Workshop - 27-6-2015
Image Gallery-65
Visit To Sabarmati Ashram
Image Gallery-66
School Foundation Day
Celebration, Dt.11-7-2015.
Image Gallery-67
Christmas Celebration - 20-12-2014.
Image Gallery-68
Road Safety Week.
Image Gallery-69
NCC- Achievements
Image Gallery-70
Sarang Kapoor