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Date Day Roti Sabji Dal Rice Butter Milk Fruit Salad Sweet
03-Apr-19 Wednesday Paratha Paneer Gravy Dal Tadka Veg Pulav        
04-Apr-19 Thursday Plain roti Aloo Bhindi Masala Toor Dal Plain Rice     Green Salad  
05-Apr-19 Friday Mixed Roti Dudhi channa dal   Jeera rice Butter milk      
06-Apr-19 Saturday Bhel         Banana    
07-Apr-19 Sunday HOLIDAY              
08-Apr-19 Monday Dudhi Thepla Mixed veg dry Moong dal Plain Rice        
09-Apr-19 Tuesday Plain roti Aloo-began-Gravy Gujarati dal Plain Rice        
10-Apr-19 Wednesday Paratha Malai kofta   Veg Pulav Butter milk      
11-Apr-19 Thursday Pav Bhaji   Veg Biryani       Sewainya(thin)
12-Apr-19 Friday Plain roti Aloo Bhindi Masala Toor Dal Jeera rice        
13-Apr-19 Saturday Pav Misal       Banana    
14-Apr-19 Sunday HOLIDAY              
15-Apr-19 Monday Paratha Paneer Capsicum masala Chana dal Fried rice        
16-Apr-19 Tuesday Plain roti Aloo Dry yellow Sambhar Plain rice        
17-Apr-19 Wednesday HOLIDAY              
18-Apr-19 Thursday Plain roti Aloo-began-Gravy Kadhi Khichdi        
19-Apr-19 Friday HOLIDAY              
20-Apr-19 Saturday Poha   Banana  
21-Apr-19 Sunday HOLIDAY              
22-Apr-19 Monday Pav Bhaji   Veg Biryani       Rice Kheer
23-Apr-19 Tuesday Mixed Roti Rajma   Plain Rice Butter milk      
24-Apr-19 Wednesday Plain roti Aloo-began-Gravy Gujarati dal Plain Rice        
25-Apr-19 Thursday Dudhi Thepla Paneer Chillly Moong dal Jeera rice Nimboo Pani      
26-Apr-19 Friday Plain roti Kaddu aloo Pakoda kadhi Plain Rice        
27-Apr-19 Saturday Bread Pakoda         Banana    
28-Apr-19 Sunday HOLIDAY              
29-Apr-19 Monday Plain roti Bhindi fry Kadhi Khichdi        
30-Apr-19 Tuesday Dudhi Thepla Sev tamatar  moong dal Plain Rice     Green Salad