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School uniform promotes discipline and a sense of equality among students. It also helps to build right spirit among the students and instills a feeling of belongingness. For classes I to XII Regular uniform is to be worn on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and house uniform on Wednesday and Saturday. It is compulsory for all the students to follow the school dress code.

Regular Uniform (Classes I to XII) (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

Boys Girls Specification
Trousers/Shorts Skirt (two box pleats) S.Kumarís Hit Parade Navy Blue, shade No. 212 DK
Shirts Shirts S.Kumarís Co-ordinate Stripes Shade No.18
Shoe (Velcro / with lace) Shoe (Velcro / with lace) Black leather/canvas
Socks Socks Navy Blue
 Socks Ribbon / Hair-Band / clips Black colour ordinary type, which are not fancy.

House Uniform (Classes I to XII) (Wednesday and Saturday)

Boys Girls Specification
Trousers/Shorts Skirt White
T-shirt T-shirt House-wise
Shoe (Velcro / with lace) Shoe (Velcro / with lace) White sports/canvas
Socks Socks White
 Socks Ribbon / Hair-Band / clips White colour ordinary type, which are not fancy.

Winter Uniform (November to February)

Girls: Navy Blue stockings & White stockings on the days specified for Regular and House uniform respectively and blazer / sweater

Boys: Navy Blue Sweaters / Blazers.

Girls (Classes I-XII) are expected to wear plain white tights with house uniform and navy blue tights with regular uniform.

Boys (Classes I Ė XII) are expected to wear vest on all the days.

Chuddidar /Pyjamas and low waist Pant/Skirts are not to be worn in school.

Students of Kush and Pallav have no regular uniform. They are allowed to wear decent & comfortable dress according to the seasons.

Hair Do:
Hair below shoulder, tied in one/ two plaits, Hair above Shoulder - Black/White hair bands or pony tails. No fancy clips or ribbons will be allowed.

Boys: Short hair with no fancy hair style.