At the pre- primary level (Junior and Senior KG named Kush and Pallav respectively) the process of getting ready for formal learning is through a variety of activities.Through the initial activities like clay-moulding, cutting, pasting, crayoning, painting, folding and so on, we focus on developing the steadiness of the hand, the flexibility of the finger muscles and training on focusing eyes. Outdoor games, action songs and eurhythmic activities develop the larger muscles, vocabulary building, pronunciation, enunciation etc. Activities related to grouping, sorting, categorizing, finding the odd one out, sequencing, differentiating between the similar and different pictures, objects and people, develop the ability to reason and apply what is learnt in real life situations. Free hand drawing enhances self-esteem, expression and creativity.

In classes I to V, all these items are done through integrated activities in the scholastic areas. In order to take learning beyond the four walls of the class room, each class undertakes Field trips/ Picnics/ Excursions/Community service/Sports etc., as per the requirements of the curriculum. In classes VI to X, children are initiated into the formal teaching-learning situations, maintaining a balance between the lecture method and activity- oriented methods. The school ensures a wide range of exposure to its students to make them learn various requisite skills pertaining to scholastic as well as co-scholastic domains, namely, Oral & Listening skills, Writing skills, Comprehension skills, Observation & Investigation, Exploration, Deductive and analytical, Correlation to real life environment, Analysis, Use of IT, Concept understanding, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Decision making, Data handling etc. These skills are fostered through various fun-filled activities, namely, Dialogue, Conversations, Speeches, Essays, Commentaries, Project assignments, Model & Charts, Group work, Research work, Worksheets, Seminar, Group discussion, Symposium, Survey, Written test, Quiz etc.

In classes XI & XII, children are provided learning experiences as per the guidelines of the CBSE. They are groomed into successful individuals through a range of multifaceted activities and career guidance programme regularly.